Nontactical Monument for Reparations

is a replica of a rescue beacon. There are 34 rescue beacons in Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector. The beacons were developed by Customs and Border Protection a decade ago, and point to the ongoing controversy at the southern border. The three-dimensional artwork is a meditation on the complex history of race, sexuality (otherness) in the context of intersecting forces of imperialism, immigration, and the deadly extraction economies of mass incarceration.
-a motion activated audio player randomly plays short sections of music. Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday 1939), This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie 1940), Mississippi Goddamn (Nina Simone 1964), We the People (A Tribe Called Quest 2016)
– a stack of paper contains the Death Detainee Reports from the website
– image of a deployed rescue beacon in the sonoran desert labeled tactical
– a time activated essential diffuser with lavender for stress relief (satirical relief in place of real avenues of reparation)