PBS News Hour March 18, 2018 – “Fellowship allows formerly incarcerated artists to push for criminal justice reform”

Seven formerly incarcerated artists received $20,000 each last year through “Right of Return,” a fellowship allowing them to create original artwork exploring ideas around criminal justice reform. The fellows are a diverse group of artists and work in mediums including poetry, hip-hop and performance art. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Alison Stewart reports.

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 August 24 – December 1, 2018   University of New Mexico Art Museum

Curated by sheri crider and Traci Quinn, Curator of Education and Public Programs


ARTIST TALK: October 3rd, 5:30pm

ART AS ACTIVISM – INSTITUTION AS SITE  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 5:30 PM   UNM ART MUSEUM   Gabrielle Uballez(USDAC), Daryl Lucero (curator/writer), sheri crider (artist, community builder, activist) Panel: Art as Activist/Institution as site: How do we build community in authoritarian spaces?


Flight is a multi-media installation by Albuquerque artist sheri crider that examines connections between empathy, personal transformation, mass incarceration, and migration. Using the migratory birds as visual metaphor, the heart of this exhibition focuses on immigration detention, which until recently was a hidden corner of the prison industrial complex.  Flight represents a year and a half of research, artistic partnerships, and creative interventions.  This project combines education, community partnerships, visual art and fundraising to expand the practical capacity of art-making into forms of discourse, civic engagement, and empathy building.  The exhibit is deeply personal and intentionally socially engaged.

The exhibition and series of events were partially sponsored by the Right of Return Fellowship which invests in formerly incarcerated artists to create original works that can further criminal justice reform in partnership with advocates and organizers.

Proceeds from the fundraising workshops during this exhibition will benefit the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center.