October 12 – November 12, 21


Installation and Social Practice Projects @ Off Lomas 602 13th Street NW in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Free produce from local farms! Collection and Distribution for ABQ Mutual Aid throughout event.

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Obie Weathers and sheri crider (TX and NM)

Christine Wong Yap (CA)


TRANSVEIL is a mobile surveillance trailer created by sheri crider in collaboration with Obie Weathers III.  The piece is designed to call attention to the structural inequalities that plague communities while drawing practical, real time alternatives to surveillance and current policing policies.

The artwork and series of affiliated events are the product of an ongoing collaboration between Obie and sheri. Obie Weathers III, is currently on Texas Death Row. The artists hope the artworks reiterate the importance to deploy community assets as first steps to support, create and sustain safe equitable neighborhoods. The artwork and series of affiliated events facilitate conversations that deepen the possibility to deploy community assets as first steps to support, create and sustain safe equitable neighborhoods.  

Images courtesy of sheri crider

The three dimensional, interactive work is the second crider calls Non-tactical Monuments. The strange machines in the series transform tactical policing equipment into historical markers for institutionalized trauma. The function of these objects is to subvert policing tactics, while creating space that honors those struggling in our community. The work hopes to metaphysically redeploy mental assets through creativity, love and empathy. The work creates channels to deepen our ability to listen. The device is approximately 6 x 4 x 10 feet. 

sheri crider is a visual artist and civil rights dreamer dedicated to creating work at the intersection of inquiry and empathy. Her work has been exhibited nationally with recent solo and curatorial projects at the University of New Mexico Art Museum, University of Arizona Art Museum and Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe. Sheri has been the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships including the inaugural cohort of Open Philanthropy’s Right of Return.

Obie Weathers III, is a visual artist currently incarcerated in Livingston, Texas. Weathers work centers on empathy and meditation, while creating work with little resources on the inside.

October 12- November 12


Widening the ripple effect of this community based project, sheri crider invited CWY as a social practice practitioner to hold workshops centered on community visions of safety and resilience via custom signal flags. 

Image courtesy of Christine Wong Yap, How I Keep Looking Up, Times Square, NYC, social practice public art, 21.


Partnering with local community organizations, Crossroads for Women, Working Classroom, SWOP. Yap will engage the community in conversations and flag design workshops, and then in a rapid response, she will design and sew flags based on participants’ input. While flags typically signify institutions, these flags raise perspectives from individuals from the immediate community. The flags will be flown on one or more strands, similar to the maritime practice of ‘dressing overall’—flying all signal flags in celebration of special occasions. In conversation with Non-tactical Monument, these colorful flags are intended to convey a spirit of hope and transformation. 

According to psychologist Rick Hanson, PhD, author of “Resilient,” safety is the most fundamental of three basic human needs (along with satisfaction and connection). Stress from living in over-policed and surveilled communities impacts mental and physical wellbeing. By initiating conversations about coping and asking workshop participants what they might do if they were free from fears and worries, Yap aims to create spaces for envisioning personal agency and community resilience, so that opposition to present conditions is also motivated by being drawn towards a future of liberation.

Christine Wong Yap (she/her) holds a BFA and MFA from the California College of the Arts. Her work has been exhibited by Times Square Arts (NYC), the Queens Museum of Art (Queens, NY), Bronx Museum of Art (Bronx), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art (San Francisco), and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (Manchester U.K.), as well as in Los Angeles; Portland, OR; Manila; and Poland.


5-7pm MST at Off Lomas
Fronteristxs collective presents, House of An-Aesthia (HOAA) , a 20-30 min dance and drone performance that will connect the ways mass surveillance affects our unsheltered communities. Fronteristxs have also partnered with Mutual Aid and will be hosting a clothing drive for our unsheltered community members

Grrrl Justice  
A film by Shontina Vernon

Running time: 16:09

Time and Date TBD

Grrrl Justice follows the stories of three characters – one being released from juvenile detention, another being exploited by a sex trafficker, and one navigating the school to prison pipeline. The film examines how traumatic backgrounds including family violence, racism, poverty, sexual abuse, homophobia, and transphobia attach young people to systems that criminalize them, rather than alleviate the impacts of systemic oppression in their lives. It also takes an honest look at how these youth are employing their agency, body autonomy, and healthy resistance in pursuit of their own liberation.

Off Lomas, a project by Candice Hopkins and Raven Chacon, hosts temporary artworks by four artists per year. Off Lomas is located at 602 13th Street NW in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Image courtesy of Fronteristxs, Tornillo











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